ORCA M 11 L (Dry Ice) Medium

Duration: 120 Hours, Internal Volume: 21.9 Liters, Payload Volume: 6.5 Liters, System Weight: 13 lbs., System Weight w/Dry Ice Fill: 39.5 lbs.

Minimum quantity for "ORCA M 11 L (Dry Ice) Medium" is 1.

ORCA M 11 L (Dry Ice) is fully qualified for use with dry ice and provide a minimum of 120+ hours performance at temperatures below -20°C. This superior performance, combined with rigorous testing, ensure your highest value payloads including vaccines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, reagents and personalised medicines navigate the cold chain whilst maintaining maximum efficacy.

Brand Family:
120 Hours
Internal Volume:
21.9 Liters
Payload Volume:
6.5 Liters
System Weight:
13 lbs.
System Weight w/Dry Ice Fill:
39.5 lbs.
Internal Dimensions - Length:
280 mm
Internal Dimensions - Width:
280 mm
Internal Dimensions - Height:
280 mm
External Dimension - Length:
386 mm
External Dimensions - Width:
372 mm
External Dimensions - Height:
370 mm