Payload Space - Length: 115 mm, Payload Space - Width: 115 mm, Payload Space - Height: 115 mm, System Weight: 10.2 lbs.

Minimum quantity for "BIOTHERM EXTREME 3" is 1.

The BioTherm Extreme™ product range protects the integrity of critical ambient patient samples when exposed to extreme climates from -30°C to +40°C. These systems reduce sample attrition, eliminating the need for costly re-tests. These systems operate with minimal assembly time, allowing ease of use and efficiency by clinical trial sites.

Brand Family:
Payload Space - Length:
115 mm
Payload Space - Width:
115 mm
Payload Space - Height:
115 mm
System Weight:
10.2 lbs.
External Dimension - Length:
308 mm
External Dimensions - Width:
308 mm
External Dimensions - Height:
310 mm