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ORCA Rental

ORCA Rental gives you access to ORCA cold chain packaging as and when you need it. Rent only what you need for the period you need it and then simply return the packaging to us for cleaning and refurbishment, ready for it to be sued again.

ORCA Rental can save you money, cut out unnecessary stock holding, and reduce your carbon footprint. ORCA Rental is customizable to your requirements, allowing you to choose temperature, size, delivery legs and pre-conditioning features to suit your needs.

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Technical Services

When you partner with Intelsius, you get much more than a box, you also gain access to our expert Technical Services team and ISTA-certified laboratory. No matter what you’re shipping and where you’re shipping it to, we can support you every step of the way with testing, qualification, and product design services.

Intelsius Technical Services are split into four areas:

  • Thermal Testing
  • Virtual Testing
  • Physical Testing
  • Product Development

So, if you have a bespoke packaging design need, or want to ensure your packaging is compliant with international standards, we’re here to help.

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Fulfilment Services

Intelsius Fulfilment Services combine Intelsius sample transport and cold chain packaging solutions with bespoke build, pre-conditioning, refurbishment and delivery services that simplify your sample transport and cold chain logistics.

Fulfilment Services are split into seven core services:

  • Pre-conditioning
  • Direct to Site
  • Refurbishment
  • Kitting
  • Return
  • Multi-leg Transportation
  • Rental

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